Dena Sobar Hidayat
2 min readJul 13, 2021



KUAPE FINANCE has reached over 20000 followers on their Social Media. With their amazing motto “to makes Kucoin Community Chain GREAT AGAIN” makes they more famous day after day.

Will they makes their mission as the Most Diversified Decentralized Meme Token Ecosystem For Kucoin Community Chain comes true?

Kuape Finance is a team of experienced blockchain and marketing experts in the field, then they will makes this huge decentralized project completely soon.

This is our incentive program to encourage people to hold $KUAPE strongly instead of selling out for a minor profit, every transaction will be charge a tax fee of 11%, 4% of that will go to $KUAPE holders

The LP liquidity is fully locked on KoffeeSwap, every transaction people make, 3% fee will go to the LP, 3% is going to the holder, 2% will go to burn wallet, and 3% left will go to our marketing wallet.

Here is mainnet details to KCC in metamask

Step 1: Add KCC to your Metamask
Recommended to create a NEW wallet
Chain ID: 321
Symbol: KCS
Explorer URL:

Visit them on:

Facebook :

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Website :